A blended plant food designed to increase the health of your plants and produce more blooms Readily available phosphorus speeds germination and promotes rapid and vigorous growth.

Below are some of the products we offer.  You can view the whole line of Fertrell products here.

Fertrell Liquid 3-4-3 is formulated to meet the nutritional demands of high producing crops.  It contains good amounts of kelp and liquid humates along with fish emulsion to provide a boost at planting time while increasing nutrient uptake and stimulating biology.

An organic blend that provides balanced, slow-release nutrients without the risk of burning. Improves water penetration and conditions the soil for vigorous root growth.

New and Improved! Fertrell Liquid #3 now has more phosphorus. It still has the same combination of kelp concentrate and liquid fish but also contains liquid humates to increase nutrient uptake and stimulate soil biology. Use as a foliar spray, a transplant solution, or apply during stress periods of plant growth.

This organic blend will supply you with large, delicious, nutritious produce all season long! The key ingredients in our Vegetable Blend include aragonite and kelp meal which promotes healthy soil and stimulates plant root development.

A blended plant food specially aimed at more, bigger and tastier berries. Safe and easy to use. Works in most soil types.

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We offer Fertrell natural/organic fertilizers and soil amendments.  Produced from only the highest quality ingredients available,  Fertrell fertilizers are a balanced plant food and soil conditioner that provide both macro- and micro-nutrients to facilitate optimal growth. Fertrell products have a lasting effect with ingredients that release nutrients throughout the growing season, stimulating plant growth and soil life. 

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Super N is specially formulated as a multi-purpose plant food. It provides readily available nutrients to get the germinating seedling off to a fast and vigorous start, while supplying time-released nutrients that continue to feed the crop through the entire growing period.

Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

​​​He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth.  Psalm 104:14