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The round barn in the Canfield Family Farm logo is fashioned after a large round barn that stood on the farm and served as a local landmark for 90 years.  On May 25, 2008, a tornado roared through our farm and destroyed this historical icon.  As a look back to our past, we have included the image of the barn in our logo as a reminder of the unique historical marker that for so many years identified our farm.

About Us

A Look to the Past

The Canfield Family
      ​  Hannah               Earl               Matthew
​                  Elijah               Jane               Andrew

A New Generation of Farming

​​​He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth.  Psalm 104:14

Canfield Family Farm is located near the town of Dunkerton in northeast Iowa.  We are a Heritage Farm, which means the original farm, established in 1866, has been owned continuously by members of our family for over 150 years.

We produce and/or sell a variety of items such as non-GMO grain and forage crops, all-natural livestock supplements and complete feeds, seasonal produce, eggs from pastured heritage breed laying hens, and meat from pastured poultry.

In 2015, we began making significant changes to our farming operation, including a wider diversity of natural value-added crops, the re-introduction of livestock to our land, and a localized direct-marketing strategy for our production.  Our future goal is to continue building on these changes and more until we become a farm that is truly operating in harmony with, rather than fighting against, the natural systems originally put in place by our infinitely wise creator God.  By operating in this manner, we are "Farming By Design."